the brand

the vision

To be one of the world’s leading providers of high-quality services that enrich lives.

the mission

– We develop solutions that create value for the life of our customers.

– We enable consistent economic growth to our stakeholders by constantly identifying new business service partnerships.

– We inspire optimism and opportunities for learning and personal progress

– We hold honesty and integrity as the guiding principle in our relationships with our stakeholders – customers, employees, partners, shareholders

the values

Customer Focus: Inside-out thinking






our team

We are a passionate group of professionals and IIM alumni dedicated to designing products that transform lives. Our commitment and expertise as social entrepreneurs proficient in technology empower us to develop solutions, that offers security and well-being to everyone so that you can live your life carefree.

the inspiration

We have witnessed a leap in sensor and wireless technology with GPS trackers gaining huge popularity. However, our personal experiences helped us realize that most of the trackers available in the market were inadequate.

This motivated us to create devices with advanced features that provided trusted solutions for safety, fitness, and connectivity.

Our goal was to develop a reliable companion that would offer guidance, set reminders and engage you to achieve the best in life.

Smart devices that would use stored data and analysis to predict danger or potential health risks.Innovative devices that can sound an emergency alarm without alerting the attacker or inform caregivers when the user has a medical crisis. These thoughtfully created gadgets seamlessly fit into your life and complement your lifestyle at every step.