Why iSmart?

A smartwatch is probably most aptly described by Wikipedia as “a computerized wristwatch with functionality that goes beyond timekeeping”. While the concept has been toyed with since the 70s, it is only in the past few years that it got a huge push. The activity of pulling the smartphone out of your pocket or bag at every notification is greatly reduced by a convenient hand-tilting gesture if you own iSmart. Additionally, they will help users with their health and fitness tracking and also include features for personal safety.


Enjoy the classic design and modern technology with


– Get Notified – Emails, texts and more are just a tap (or swipe) away.

– Water Proof – Wash your hands, jump into the shower or hit the pool without fear. iSmart will be safe and sound.

– Store and Control Music – The Streaming music will pep up your workouts or relax and play it at leisure

– Track your Heart Rate – Measure your heart rate automatically during your run, yoga practice and more.

– Emergency SOS – A lifeline on your wrist allows you to quickly get help.

How it Works?

– Select from a variety of trendy fully fledged digital tools.

– Designed to link directly with other devices that do have Internet connectivity, namely your smartphone.

– Playback all sorts of digital media, like audio tracks or radio, streamed to Bluetooth headphones.

– Benefit from the capabilities, like message notifications, GPS navigation, and calendar synchronization.

– A Bluetooth connection to your phone means the watch can help you place calls or send and receive messages.

– Works in tandem with accessories such as a heart rate monitor, letting you track your lap times, distance and route.

iSmart has been designed to be a uniquely personal product with even more powerful solutions to add value to your life.